Hi there! I’m Amanda, a dynamic storyteller whose editorial and branded content has appeared on multiple media platforms, including digital, social, video, and print. I specialize in food, travel, lifestyle, health and culture writing, and have worked at publications with general market, multi-cultural and international audiences. Additionally, I’m a seasoned manager with more than ten years’ experience in leadership roles across marketing, SEO, and editorial departments.

My portfolio of print and digital clients includes women’s lifestyle magazines, culinary websites, wedding planners, television studios and marketing and PR agencies, among others, in Prague, Israel and New York.

Among friends and colleagues, I’m known for my “can do” attitude (I loathe excuses), my sense of humor (life is more fun when you laugh), and my extreme organizational skills (disorganization wastes time). I’m a big ideas person who sees no box – no need to think outside of it when it doesn’t exist – and effectively balances creative and strategic needs in service to the big picture.

I’ve traveled extensively – and mostly solo – in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the U.S., which has cultivated my palate and fostered a deep appreciation for people, places, food and the stories each of these tells.

Let me help you tell your story!